Al Huda Travel and Hajj Umrah Services has over 16 years’ experience organising Hajj and Umrah trips for individuals and groups. We are here to provide our customers with unparalleled service. We specialise in tailor made Umrah packages as well as religious holidays to countries such as Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Uzbekistan and others.


Ministry of Hajj & Umrah has appointed a number of local companies in Saudi Arabia that will be authorised to organise and provide Hajj packages for pilgrims travelling from across the Western Countries. Prospective pilgrims will have to book a package supplied by one of the authorised companies via Nusuk, which is an online portal. Therefore, packages will not be sold by any foreign company, nor will payments be collected by them.

In addition, experienced Hajj guides will be employed by Al Bait Guests. Their role will primarily be to provide educational, spiritual, and logistical support to the pilgrims.

Al Bait Guests


Who are Al-Bait Guests (Duyuf Al-Bait)?

Al-Bait Guests (formerly known as the Establishment of South Asia) is one of the largest Hajj service providers that has been operating for over four decades. They have been serving approximately 600,000 Hajj pilgrims from South Asia annually, which is almost 33% of all pilgrims. They have consistently been recognised as an excellent service provider.

Why Al-Bait Guests (Duyuf Al-Bait)?

Al-Bait Guests is the right decision, here is why:

  1. They have decades of experience in serving Hajj pilgrims.
  2. They have an excellent track record and experienced team.
  3. They are passionate about integrity and quality of service.
  4. They have a pilgrim-centric mindset.
  5. They have the financial capacity to successfully deliver such a project.


Al Bait Guests will offer a variety of Hajj packages that will suit a range of budgets:

  • Non-Shifting
  • Shifting

The duration of the packages on offer will be:

  • 10 days
  • 14 days
  • 18 days

Accommodation & Flights:

  • Double, Triple and Quad occupancy
  • Range of quality hotels in Makkah & Madinah

Services in Mina:

  • Tents in European camps (Moaisem)
  • Tents in the VIP European camps (Majr al-Kabsh)

Further package details will be available on the Al-Bait Guests website very soon.



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